Read Me a Story

If you have not seen this book by Spike Lee, run out and get it right now. It is absolutely priceless.

The illustrations are marvelous as well. I have found a new love in Kadir Nelson.

Brielle is captured so perfectly by the toddler in the book. I have pictures of, and have probably blogged about every single incident that occurs in this book. Spike could have been quoting me when he wrote this.

In fact, I’m pretty sure I saw him following me around.

6 thoughts on “Read Me a Story

  1. I am a book freak. Am always on the look-out for great reads for kids. Will check this one out for sure.

    My oldest daughter learnt to read this year and I am so stoked that she is destined to be the bookworm I am!

    Thanks for stopping in at ‘my happy mess’ post!

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