Raw Milk!

Please use the following letter to send to your local representative and newspaper asking others to support this bill as well. Permission granted to copy and paste (amend the last paragraph as necessary if you’re writing your representative) Thanks ever so!

Raw milk is milk taken straight from the cow with no processing, no pasteurization, no homogenization. It is milk, ideally that is made from animals fed only fresh, organic green grass and then rapidly cooled to around 36ยบ. It is milk, that literally, is an ideal, perfect food.

Unprocessed milk from clean animals cared for by responsible farmers has amazing properties and fabulous potential health benefits.

Raw milk, and products made from raw milk are, unbelievably, illegal in Iowa.

We believe that it is a fundamental right to produce and consume the foods of our choice. This freedom of food choice includes the right to consume raw milk and raw milk products.

The consumption of raw milk is legal in all 50 states, and yet here in Iowa, one of the states most known for farms, one cannot support a local farmer by purchasing his raw milk. All of Iowa’s bordering states allow their residents the right to make their own food choices and purchase raw milk. Driving to a farm and buying milk directly from the farmer will only enhance our local economy.

Raw milk from responsible farmers is not a danger to the public, nor to the individual. Allowing Iowans the choice, trusting in our ability to choose for ourselves what is good and healthful, is what we are asking our elected officials to do.

Please help in our endeavor to support the local farmer by asking your state representatives to decriminalize the sale of raw milk. Ask them to give Iowan consumers the right to choose what kind of milk they wish to give to their family. Ask them to please support House Bill HF 394 as it is written without amendments.

A wealth of information can be found at www.raw-milk-facts.com You can find your legislator here: www.legis.state.ia.us/FindLeg/

Thank you, Farm Fresh Jessica

5 thoughts on “Raw Milk!

  1. We have a "share" and get raw milk weekly…but it's $30 a month, which comes out to roughly $7/gallon. I wish fresh REAL milk was all that was available, instead of milk from a cow treated with hormones to make it produce more than normal, causing health issues and that has been heated to kill any bacteria that may have contaminated it…such a pity our society supports unclean farmers in this way!

  2. Our 6th is my first that has had nursing issues..sad, but insurmountable for us…

    Since he was pretty young, I've been giving him raw goats milk that I make into formula and have to buy "underground" so to speak, as "pet food." It's ridiculous..

    Anyway, GREAT post, GREAT subject…so ridiculous to do this for such nonsense! We don't need protecting!

  3. I don't get it… why not let people buy the food they want to feed thier family? I grew up on a cattle farm and when I was little I didn't even know that you could get milk minus the bits of grass. ๐Ÿ˜‰ BTW We loved our milk cow, Bossie, and treated her like a queen.

  4. Glad you found me so I could find you! Of course you know that I am going to totally agree with you on this subject. Can't wait to get to read more on your site. I am your newest follower!

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