Raw Milk!

But first a few bits of randomness:

Every time I think the phrase “raw milk” I hear Gollum saying “rrrrraw and Wrrrrrrrrigggling”.
It’s getting a lot harder to be at the keyboard with Denton my lap–Mr. Grabby Hands is no longer content to just watch.
I’m sad the snow is melting. I like that it’s 40ยบ and I can go without a coat, but I had the mud puddle the farm and gravel roads turn into…Let’s hope it’s not this way until it’s officially spring. But it probably will be…
Denton got his first tooth in and his amber necklace did seem to help him not be so fussy during the teething process.
So, on to the topic at hand, Raw Milk.
This is milk that has not had to succumb to the government’s requirements of pasteurization, homogenization, and processing. Most people think it was in our best interest that laws were passed in this regard, but really it’s only the dairy industry who benefits, because then they can crowd more cattle into smaller places and not concern themselves so much with cleanliness and care for the animal.
I feel bad for the individual dairy farmers–they work even harder than grain and beef farmers, and make less money. The profit margin is almost nil for these families.
In Iowa, raw milk is illegal to sell. Luckily, I live right next to Illinois, where it is legal to purchase from the farmer. The closest one I found is about a 45 minute drive away, but the trip took all morning. I’m not sure how sustainable it will be to to this every other week, but I’m hoping to join a co-op, where one person in the co-op makes the trip for all the members.
The owner of the farm was awesome! He talked to me for as long as I wanted (until I had to turn my attention to the rascals), answering questions about all his industries–they also have alpacas, sheep, goats, horses, chickens, bees and a miniature horse. He gave us a bit of homemade butter balm for Cadrian’s chapped cheeks. He held Denton while I carried out our jars of milk to the van. I spoke with his wife on the phone and she was equally as wonderful.
I’m excited about the prospect of being able to give my family the milk God created. I’m excited about being able to experiment with making butter and cheese with real milk. I’m excited to buy my whipping cream already included in the milk. I’m excited to try clabber and buttermilk. I’m excited to provide my family with some of the most amazing, yet simple, food known to man–Raw Milk.
If you would like more information on the benefits, safety and all around wonderfullness that is raw milk, this link would be good place to start. Or maybe this one. They’re both really interesting and chock full of wholesome goodness.
Kind of like Raw Milk.

4 thoughts on “Raw Milk!

  1. You are right about the larger dairy industry contolling the milk! As small dairy farmers…we are currently getting around $1.45 for a gallon of milk that sells in the store for close to $4.00! That's .09 out of the .60 that our kids pay for a cup of milk at school! It is legal to sell raw milk in PA, but the hoops you have to jump through in order to do it are many. Thanks for supporting the dairy farmers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Love this post…you're so right, I have been getting raw milk for just over 2 years now and we love it. A gallon every week…and we pay $30 a month for our share. I love that it has cream on the top, but most of all that it is fresh, not processed and has enzymes that are good for you! The government is so frustrating. I do not trust the FDA. We just watched "Food Inc"…I had been wanting to watch it for a LONG time…and I already knew most of what they pointed out, but it really irritates me that Monsanto folks are working for the FDA (for their personal benefit)!

  3. I just had to quit milking Minnie, one of my goats. Now I'm back on store bought until we have kids born and weaned (I let my girls raise their babies). There's nothing better than fresh whole raw goat milk. (I'll have you convinced to get goats yet.)


  4. I looove raw milk! I used to have it at my grandma's when I was growing up. My dream is to someday have a cow so I can have "real" milk all the time, lol.

    Not sure what you have for grocery stores around you, but if you have a HyVee, the HyVee brand organic whole milk is about as close to raw as you can buy in the store. Low-temp pasturized and non-homogonized. I love it!

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