Randomness on Wednesday

*It’s blazin’ hot around here. Why is it frowned upon to be walking around naked?

*I tried to take a nap but was interrupted by a little girl with runny poo. I have no idea what happened because I was lying down with Aviana–in my bed, about a foot from Brielle’s bed–, but to re-enact the crime: I think Brielle was nearly asleep and wet the bed, which woke her up. She went out to the living room then, unsupervised. I found poo in several places on the living room carpet, in Aviana’s shoe, and of course, all over Brielle. She apparently had tried to clean up because I found her dirty bundies in the bathroom sink and used toilet paper in a couple of places, not to mention the glass of water she brought out to the living room to try and remedy her mess. Poor little darlin’.

*My midwife was here yesterday and said she doesn’t think I’m going to go any time soon because I’m not miserable enough. She did note however, that Baby C’s head seems to be a lot lower than last week. Closer to the exit, as Kevin says.

*My niece came over to play, and I didn’t think to take one single picture.

*Kevin got all the straw baled and he’ll plant the wheat field to soy beans tomorrow. He hasn’t been getting in until around 9 p.m. Thank goodness my mom is here (She and my dad stay with us part-time. She works near our town and Dad helps Kevin on the farm.) because those are really long days. She said tonight,”The thing that’s hard about your house is it’s are busy from dawn to past dusk. It never stops!”

Tell me about it!

Even if I can’t think of anything interesting to talk about, I fall into bed exhausted.

8 thoughts on “Randomness on Wednesday

  1. Mmm… I could write a random post probably every single day! But yours is so much more interesting!!!

    Can’t wait to hear the name reveal… pretty puh-lease?!?!?!

  2. I hate cleaning up my children’s poo. My son paints with it. Thankfully my daughter keeps it in the toilet now:)

    Glad your mom can come help you. Your long days remind me of when my husband worked nights. I was pregnant (and very sick) with my son and had a strong willed toddler all by myself. It was hell and I don’t miss those days at all.

  3. Sorry about the poop. Not fun any time, but can’t possibly be remotely pleasant when you are about 2 seconds away from giving birth. So sweet that she tried to clean up the mess herself though!
    Thank heavens for Moms! What would we do without them?

  4. Jessica, I hope you start feeling miserable soon. 🙂 Those last couple weeks are so long and awful. I have 8 left to go and I am just hoping that really is more like 6 weeks.

  5. OH MAN! I hate those poopie accident/mishaps where the “criminal” isnt good at hiding the evidence… I wonder what that will be like with a boy… I can WAIT on knowing what that will be like.. yikes! I guess we will be paddling the same boat about the same time with that one….
    Hope Baby C keeps creeping towards the exit!!!!!! I keep checking for a baby post! I want to come check out the farm life for a day… might be boring! might be fascinating!!!! I give you all so much credit. That is HARD work… being the farmer… and being the farmer’s wife…

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