Random Yumminess, Cuteness, Oddness and Smelliness

The Yumminess:
Aviana and I made these most delicious Rhubarb Muffins yesterday. They also have a sweet farm fresh background. Being on a “healthy kick”, I added a couple tablespoons of flax seed, halved the sugar and used 2/3 whole wheat flour instead of all white. They were still terrific, but I did notice not as sweet as I remembered. (Sometimes when I make changes like that I can’t tell.)

The Cuteness:

The Oddness: A hen somehow managed to lay this egg into the broken shell of another one. That’s some aim!

The Smelliness:
Our lilacs are so pretty I couldn’t help but bring some into the house. But my mom and Kevin have been complaining about their scent being too strong (my mom is not as bad as Kevin) so I guess I’ll have to dump them outside. Soon.

4 thoughts on “Random Yumminess, Cuteness, Oddness and Smelliness

  1. What? Enjoy the lilacs….their fragrance is fabulous!!!

    Your girls are SO cute with their umbrellas and rainboots! We’ve certainly had our share of rain this week, too. Blech.

    That egg is amazing!

  2. I love the fragrance of lilacs. We just moved and the only sad thing about leaving our old house was the lilac bush I had to leave behind.
    Your daughters are adorable:)

  3. Gorgeous pictures! L.O.V.E those lilacs – and the girls with the umbrellas – priceless!

    Send some of those muffins my way, please!

  4. I loved this post! Judah has the same blue umbrella! It’s too cute 🙂

    I’ll take a muffin, please! YUM!

    What I wouldn’t give for a vase full of lilacs now! I had a huge lilac bush in my backyard in Vermont, and I loved it deeply… I have roses here – they just don’t smell quite as good. But I am thankful!


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