Random Simple Pleasures

  1. My children’s laughter
  2. My cup(s) of coffee with plenty o’ French vanilla creamer
  3. Picking apples early in the morning with the children swinging nearby
  4. Making apple pies with said apples
  5. Not screwing up the pie crust even though I thought I did
  6. Not burning the pies even though I almost did
  7. Eating apple pies
  8. Feeling helpful by taking meals to DH in the field
  9. Looking all cute
  10. A shower
  11. Nestled between two little pumpkins reading to them
  12. The Dollar Spot at Target
  13. Autumn cookie cutters
  14. Gymnastics for three year olds
  15. Reaching out to other moms
  16. Gardetto’s Original snack mix
  17. Mascara
  18. Mums bursting with lively color
  19. The smell of fresh air people have on their skin when they return from being outside on a brisk fall day
  20. Books
  21. Children’s books
  22. Sleeping through the night for the first time in over 15 months
  23. Still loving my engagement and wedding rings every time I look at my hand
  24. Nursing
  25. Feeling safe
  26. Getting the mail
  27. Country magazine
  28. Scrapbook websites
  29. Wasting perfectly good reading time looking at scrapbook websites
  30. A story about the AR family with 17 children on the Today show
  31. Not having 17 children

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