Random Bits and Oddments

Our To-do lists.Brielle’s is rather artfully cut apart and taped together. Aviana’s starts at the bottom and reads up. Cadrian’s isn’t pictured, but it read something like this: Play independently. Catch sight of Mama. Scream. Stop only when picked up and/or nursed. Fuss to get down. Repeat.
I had the worst migraine of my life on Friday. I woke up at 3 a.m. and could NOT got back to sleep. I thought I had it licked in the morning, and even braved taking the kids to the library, but it was back double time by 11 a.m. I’m still having Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from it, I kid you not. Thank God my children are sometimes little angels; they were uber-fab. All I could do was keep them fed, semi-clothed and lay face down in a pillow.

My Handsome Husband when he finally came home from work (and after giving me a stern mini-lecture) saved the day and took me to my chiro’s house. I felt better after being adjusted, and was able to sleep through the night. I got adjusted again Saturday morning, and then by Saturday afternoon, was feeling fine. Practically normal.

Thank you God, for allowing the Power that created the body to Heal the body.
My aunt Barb visited for a couple days from Springfield MO. We went to a park for a picnic and a walk, and it was wonderful.

Sunday, I was able to ditch the kids find someone to keep my wonderful adorable offspring, so I could go to my cousin’s soccer game, out to lunch, and shopping without once having to tell anyone to leave the pepper alone, or to stop crawling under the dressing room doors.
Brielle just started drawing. Up until today she had been scribbling with no decipherable “thing”. Once in a while a spud person would appear. Then *boom* here’s me!

For some reason, it really freaks me out when people refer to microwaving something as “Nuking it. ” First of all, it just seems callous to those who suffered “being nuked”. And secondly, why would you want to eat something you’ve “nuked”!?
Making Mystery Cookies from The Lemon Meringue Pie Murder
I wonder if Aviana is thinking, “Let’s see. One raisin at a time. 2 cups of raisins. This could take a loooooooo-ong time!”

Helper? Not so much.

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