Rained out

The plan was to do some chores here at home, go play at the park and then after swimming lessons, Aviana would be so worn out that she wouldn’t fight her nap like she has all week–and I wouldn’t have to drive her around (like I resorted to yesterday) before she would sleep for an hour. As you may be able to tell, that didn’t go so well. Sigh. It started raining right when we got to the park, and then started raining harder. We turned around and went home. As an aside- this is the pictoral debut of Aviana in pigtails!

Fortunately, she went down for her nap well–which was good as Kevin and I were in the middle of a big…well, discussion. That lasted well into the afternoon, but we are all made up now. And then the sun is shining and it is warm and a perfect day for the pool and the park.

After nap, we went to my doctor’s appt. I’ve gained 28 pounds, the baby is head down and heartbeat perfect. Blood pressure normal, no signs of toxemia. The doctor I met with today scared me a little about the supposed “dangers” of a VBAC, but talking with my labor assistant reassured me that I am making the best choice, both for me and the baby. She also said I should try to eat as much protein as possible- to aim for 150 grams! Yowza!

We stopped in at Grandma’s store, picked up A’s 2 year pics (enter my first and last name in customer name) at Penney’s, & went to ToysRUs to try and choose a dolly as a gift from the baby. We found one that I think we’ll all like-even though it didn’t get great reviews on Amazon–, as well as a couple of birthday presents for Miss A. I can’t believe she’ll be two a week from today!!

I had Aviana practicing saying brother & sister today. Cuteness galore.

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