Quick list

*Still not feeling “normal” but at midwife’s recommendation started taking a half tab of Unisom before I go to sleep, and wonder of wonders, the morning-noon-and-early evening sickness is truly disappated!

*Husband being a perfect saint about it, even letting me take naps while he keeps the children from entirely destroying the house

*Totally let my standards lasp and have gone from letting the children watch 1/2 hour or less of television a day to allowing entire movies for no reason

*Haven’t made a meal from scratch in a while, but am eternally grateful for Annie’s All Natural Mac and Cheese

*Got to go to the library by myself this afternoon and indulged myself in tons of juvenile literature I somehow missed (or have completely forgotten ) the first time around like The Witch of Blackbird Pond and Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry

*Read an interesting article about ADHD/ADD being a diagnosis of convenience for schools treating children like cogs in an education factory and less a diagnosis of what is truly best for the child. An interesting thought provoking point of view.

*Aviana likes to set up a photo studio and take pictures of anyone who will cooperate. And even of those who don’t.

*Amazed by my children. Cadrian has now mastered the art of crib vaulting, which is quite problematic at 5 in the morning. Brielle is such a busy, never sit still type of girl, moments like this astound me

And Aviana is so completely compassionate it makes my heart ache.
I am so wonderfully blessed–His mercies never fail. He overwhelms me with His loving kindness.

5 thoughts on “Quick list

  1. Just a comment on the ADD/ADHD article. I'd be interested in reading it myself actually. I'm convinced my 7 year old has ADD. The school refuses to see it. They don't know why she struggles so much in reading given her IQ and other tests they've given her, but they refuse to think it just might possibly be an attention thing because she is not a trouble maker. I know here the schools can't actually tell you to medicate your child or that they think they have ADD. All they can say are things about attention, but they cannot suggest to a parent that they be tested. There's some law preventing them from doing that thus preventing them from labeling and drugging a whole bunch of children that might not need it. I've actually gone to the school myself though and said hey this is what me and her doctor think she has and this is why and they still aren't seeing it.

  2. Hang in there…I really struggled this first trimester, with complete lack of energy and let things fall, but hooray for the second trimester energy boost… it will come, give yourself a lot of grace and hang in there! Glad you have a supportive family!

  3. lol at her 'photo shoot' –I love kids' great imaginations!
    Mine just spent days setting up her 'pretend birthday'!

    A movie a day isn't that bad; give yourself a break and know that it's okay! 1-2 hours in 24 hours = not a lot 😉

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