Pregnancy Brain

ie “It’s not my fault”

Husband: Ruth called, but I told her you would call her back on the way to the chiro.
Me, thinking:I didn’t hear the phone, did she call on the house phone or my cell phone?
Me, out loud: On my phone?
Husband (without missing a beat): That usually works best, or else you’d have to yell really loudly!

I was reading the activity list of the mom in my scheduling book. She includes absolutely everything: the daily chores she does, her ‘free time choices, and the activities she does with each member of her family by name. Her husband’s name is Steve.

Me to Husband: Oooh, I bet you’d like this: if I put ‘Steve’s backrub, talking and prayer’ in my daily schedule.
Husband (without missing a beat): Well, ideally, it would say ‘Kevin’s back rub.’

Kevin was ‘watching’ a video game on eBay. I bid on it for him and called him to tell him he won it.

Much later, as I was about to drift off to sleep, he asked me, apropos of nothing, “Did you pay for the Big Buck game?

Me: WHAT?! WHAT did you say?
Him (a bit taken aback by my vehemence): Did you pay for the Big Buck game?
Me: (Much relieved) Ohhhh. I thought you said, “Did you pay for the Big Butt Cake?”

5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Brain

  1. Ah baby brain, I know it well. My husband and I still laugh about the time I called it "Ked Ex Finko's".

    And really, is it just me or does pregnancy brain last until you wean? I feel like I'm in that same fog when I'm nursing that I was in when I was pregnant. I've either been pregnant or nursing with no gaps since November of 2005, so it's hard to remember what it was like to think clearly.

  2. oh, the pregnancy brain. i remember it well. thanks for the laugh this morning! 🙂

    maybe to make you feel better: once, when i was very pregnant with my 3rd, we went out to eat. my husband was paying at the counter so he gave me our middle (who was about 18 mos at the time) to hold. i'm holding her on my hip and then i start looking around for her. i yell at my oldest and my husband "where did gg go?" i'm frantically looking for her. "where is she!?!" . my husband, oldest, the cashier and several other people in line just stare at me in amazement until i realize… i'm holding her. i still laugh out loud at that one.

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