Prayer is a good thing.

My cousin is very ill. His name is Tony. His wife is Samantha. Their son is Matthew. Daughter Lily. Baby in progress: 16 weeks.

He has Valley Fever, which has led to a host of health issues and numerous surgeries and hospital stays. Most recently, he had surgery on a cyst on his spine that went up to his brain stem. Yesterday after surgery, he seemed to be fine. Today, he has taken a turn for the worse; his brain is not working properly at all. Doctors are completely stymied.

Please pray for this family.

Father God, You are the maker of all things the healer of all things. I pray for Tony now, that you would heal him. You are wisdom; you guide our paths. I pray you would give wisdom and guidance to these medical professionals. You are the source of our Peace that passes all understanding. I pray for your peace for Tony and Sam right now. You comfort and love us. I pray that you would be comfort in a tangible way for Tony and Sam. Oh Father. Oh Jesus. Work your wonders in their lives. In your Precious Name, I pray. Amen.

**UPDATE from Sam as of FRIDAY evening, 21 August**

Tony had a pretty bad day yesterday. Couldn’t answer simple questions in the afternoon, and by evening he could barely open his eyes or manage more than a mumble. Had a horrible nurse who wouldn’t listen to my input and didn’t feel it was necessary to alert the doctor.

Went around her by calling the Dr’s office directly and the answering service put me through directly to him. To make a long story short, Tony had a second surgery around 1:30am. His VP shunt had clogged and his brain ventricles were filling up with csf. The Dr removed the shunt.

There is now an external drain from his brain draining excess csf and a second external drain coming from the spinal cyst to keep it drained as well. He is scheduled for another surgery Monday to replace the VP shunt. It will be moved from his right side to his left. The Dr will also do a second complete shunt system from the spinal cyst, and it will now have it’s own drain tunneling down into his gut. It will not hook up with the VP shunt anymore.

He is doing much better today. Tony’s brothers, sister in law, niece, and uncle were here last night and today to help out with the kids and visit Tony. Thanks for all your prayers.

Keep ’em coming. God hears ’em. They need ’em.

***Update from my dad SATURDAY morning 22 August***
I was so glad I went down to Peoria even tho I very tired today! Poor Sam is so much more! Keep them in UR prayers as they are still in the battle. Tony is Tony just in a hospital bed. When I went in on Friday AM and he started talking and I Knew he was better I was thinking man he looks like a Borg from Star trek! I wanted say it and then he commented to me โ€œ Do I look like a Borg?โ€ so then the rest of the day I let him have it. He was Tony! My heart leaped. Later we were talking about night lights and Sarah said his motion night light at Tonyโ€™s house almost made her pee right on the spot. He said I may have to rethink that and put some plastic or tile under that light! I then said Georgann was making our light sensitive night light at Cousin camp to come on when she walked in front of it. His comment was she must be like a huge black hole! U have got to love that! So we had a few lol right in ICU!

He’s got a great sense of humor, our Tony, even if he is a bit of smart aleck. ๐Ÿ™‚ Must run in the family.

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  1. So grateful to hear of the improvement.
    Its a good thing you went around the uncooperative nurse: who knows what might have happened if you'd just let her walk all over you!

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