Poor Second baby

I finally got around to putting away the congratulations cards we recieved on Brielle’s behalf. I have some nifty boxes in my closet in which I store cards. I have two boxes full of wedding shower and wedding cards, one entire box full of cards from showers we were given for Aviana and when she was born, and Brielle has about this many *holds thumb and forefinger about an inch and a half apart*. We were given five baby showers when I was pregnant with Aviana (I know it sounds excessive, but how can you turn down someone who wants to host a shower for you?) and with Brielle, zero. I have over 1000 pictures of Aviana by herself, and now it’s a challenge to take a picture of Brielle without Aviana wanting to horn in. Aviana already has three scrapbooks and two baby books, not to mention the two and a half plain photo albums and the filled photo boxes while Brielle has a baby book in which I think I’ve written her name and birth stats. And that’s just for starters! Poor second baby…

One thought on “Poor Second baby

  1. Momma G says:

    Not gonna say it…not gonna say it…not gonna say it…OK I give up. Me and Grandma and Aunt Barb all laughed and warned you this would happen!!! Ho ho ho.

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