Playing photo studio

I wish I had my new camera, but since we haven’t ordered one yet, I thought we should do some maternity shots while I still have a belly(although if history repeats itself, I’ll have a belly for about a year-just not one I like to pet and am proud of).

I met a girl today with a six day old baby boy who was due two days before me! Baby C could be coming anytime!

You can click on any picture to enlarge it if you like. And yes, I do have stretch marks, and yes, I do have photoshop.

If you’re the curious sort, as I am, you can see maternity shots here and here from Babies A and B.

And lest you think everything is serenely perfect around here, I think the look on my face in this picture speaks for itself.

27 thoughts on “Playing photo studio

  1. My favorite favorite is the color one of you by yourself that is between two photos of you and your husband.

    Good for you for taking so many pictures.

    I have three kiddos and ZERO pregnancy pictures. What a shame.

  2. Georgeous photo’s! I wish I had done photo’s like this when I was PG with my four boy’s.

    Congratulations and Good Luck on delivery day!

  3. What beautiful pictures to capture this stage in your life. I called my hubby over to look at them. My favs were, the shadow of you and your hubby, the lilies, and your silhouette with the farm behind you. GREAT, GREAT pictures! Looking forward to reading your big news soon and seeing baby C’s face!!

  4. FANTASTIC pictures!!! I never really did maternity shots when I was pregnant but this inspires me to want to do them with baby #3!!!

    When exactly is your due date?

  5. You’re so beautiful, Jessica! You are so good about taking pictures all throughout your pregnancies. All of the pictures were so lovely.

    Enjoy these last few days of feeling that precious boy rolling around in your tummy!


  6. Those are beautiful photos! Truly something to cherish for a lifetime.
    That is quite a belly that you have going on! You look fantastic! It is so interesting to see all the different shapes a pregnant belly can be. Mine wasn’t remotely similar to yours.
    Can’t wait to hear all about baby C’s big debut!

  7. Love the pictures. I know the last one isn’t what you are shooting for but I always love those too. The others are dream moments and these are real life. Sometimes it’s those “off” pics that represent our families best and make us laugh longer and remember better and embrace each other’s personalities even more.

  8. Omgosh, I just love the one of you and your husband in the shadow. I so wished I had gotten cool pictures of me and my baby bellies. I just didn’t think of it.

    Awesome pictures!

  9. Thanks for putting your ticker up!!! When I say the date July 27 on it, though, I was like, “Whoa! What is the date today?” LOL! I realize that’s your due date now. Only two more weeks!!!

  10. Awesome photoshoot!!! You & Kevin are so cute, look at his hardworking hands (Rob’s are the same, huge and dirt/grease in his nails). I love the corn field behind you, getting pretty big!

    May God grant you a safe delivery…any day! I hope whenever the day comes that you or Kevin can share some pics ASAP. I wish I were closer, I’d just come over…with food!

  11. I LOVE the photos and I have to say my favorite is the one of you with the farm in the background, #9. All of them look gorgeous though 🙂

  12. Hello Jessica. I am a new reader of your blog. Just stopped by to say hi…and your pics are beautiful. I wish I more of my 2 pregnancies. I have none with bare belly and just a couple in clothes right before the deliveries. Hey, your due date is on my birthday!!! I’ll be checking in on your progress.

  13. so many great shots!!! My faves are the shadow pic on the barn/shed…and the color one of just you – corn in the background – touching your belly. Gorgeous! You’re almost there!!! (and hard to vote on a name because I don’t know your last name….that makes a difference! Whatever you choose will be perfect for him! you are gonna LOOOOOOVE having a boy!)

  14. Your pictures are so good. I like the corn in the background. Your hair is gorgeous. I’ll be praying that all will go well with the birth. Hope it is this Wednesday! (My bd!)

  15. I love love LOVE these pictures! my favorite one is with you and your hubby in color where you’re looking at eachother… so sweet 🙂

    it’s so cool to have pictures like this especially since this is your third… i think it’s hard sometimes the more kids that come some things just get overlooked 🙂 treasure the last few days your have while he’s still inside!

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