Playing “Little House”

We played Little House in the Big Woods twice this week.

Wednesday was unintentional. We had a blizzard and were looking forward to snuggling up and maybe baking when the power went out for the day. We lit candles and cooked on the grill and warmed up by the propane stove instead. We played with fire a bit to show how dangerous candles could be. It was fun, but it did get to be a LONG day. Cold too. Thankfully, the power came back on by the time it was time make supper.

Today (the day before our trip) I finally made time to make Molasses Candy with Aviana. She knew just what to do, having listened to the books so many times, but I double checked on line.

In a fresh pan of snow, drizzle 1 cup of brown sugar and 1 cup molasses that you have boiled to the hard-ball stage.

Make all manner of curliques and squiggles.

Taste thoughtfully.
It was NOT good.
Not good at all.
It was fun though!

4 thoughts on “Playing “Little House”

  1. Oh, that was UNEXPECTED! Just goes to show what we take for granted as that candy and the pig's tail were considered "treats" back then. Shaye loved that series and has moved on to the other relatives series- she's reading the ones that start in scotland now!

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