Playing Ice Cream

It’s all fun and games until the house burns down.

If you look on the stove behind the ice cream scene, you’ll see the honey (in a plastic bottle) I was trying to decrystallize sending smoke signals. This is what happens when the bottle melts to the pan.

And while I’m feeling confessional, Brielle is half naked because she just dumped my cup of coffee (cold, thank goodness!) all over her beautiful snowflake dress.

And that cup of coffee contained the last of the French vanilla creamer.

And I had already cleaned up Brielle with the Tide-to-go before she and Dada left for church.

And I cleaned up two Abbey accidents. She slithers out of the doggie diapers every time.

And now no coffee!

On the bright side, it gives me blog fodder.

4 thoughts on “Playing Ice Cream

  1. When it rains, it pours, huh? We had a Sunday morning like that where Goosey peed herself (including her black dress shoes) as we were walking out the door. We didn’t get to church until they were reading the Gospel, about to start the sermon, but by golly, we DID get there 🙂

  2. hey! great site! i found it through another, but wanted to check in and say hi- ah, it’s nice to find another blogger from the great midwest (we’re from south dakota). you’ve got some beautiful girls and a very good reason to be frustrated (about the coffee…). i’ve been known to shove grocery day up a day or so JUST because i was out of half and half. have a great day!


  3. Well, I don’t know if I could stand your life.. it’s so boring! 🙂 Ha!!!

    Sounds like it was quite a morning for you! I certainly hope the rest of the day was much less eventful. 🙂


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