Pilates Recommendations?

Today in MOPS we had a Pilates instructor come and actually hold a class for us. I love “working out” with friends!

Anyway, it felt like a workout. I have two Pilates DVD’s–Pilates for Pregnancy, and Gaiam AM and PM Pilates. But I don’t feel like I did anything after I’m done with them, like I did today. Today I could tell I worked my core, and my thighs–oh definitely my outer thighs–I wonder what the difference is.

I have to really like the DVD because it is HARD for me to get motivated to do things by myself. I’m much more of a “with a friend” kind of girl, but having to drive 1/2 hour to get to a friend, plus factoring in two small children and their schedules, makes that hard too.

Do you have any recommendations? Or tips?

2 thoughts on “Pilates Recommendations?

  1. I have two of the Gaiam DVDs – one of them completely and totally kicks my butt, the other…eh, not so much.

    I am so the same way – I’d much rather work out with a friend! My mouth gets as much exercise as my body 🙂 I totally love to talk…. as if you couldn’t tell 🙂

    I hope you get some good tips on DVDs – I was seriously thinking about starting up my Pilates again (I love it!!) because it is so stinkin’ cold outside right now. I’d really rather walk than do Pilates because the kids are involved as well but…. a girl’s gotta do what a girls gotta do!


  2. I’m with ya… I have terrible motivation lately. Lately = the last few (or four) years. It’s hard to believe that 4 years ago I was running all the time, teaching martial arts, and working out 7 days a week a minimum of 2 hours. I think the last four years have been a rebellion.

    We used to do a cardio kick class (somewhat like Tae Bo.) I’d love to get back into that or Martial Arts one day. In the mean time, I keep thinking I should put in a Tae Bo video but thinking about it is about as close as I’ve come. Too bad “thinking” about it doesn’t really count!

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