A Pictoral Post

I want to get back into my book, so here’s a bit of an update from the last few days.

Saturday: We went to a pancake breakfast, the girls raced in a toddler run and we attended a lovely “tandy tapwade”.

Sunday we had church, a crazy trip to the grocery store during which one mischievous munchkin pushed the cart down the aisles and the other tossed in junk food, while their dada was checking out and their mama was reading a gossip rag. The day concluded with a lovely grilled out meal at a friend’s and lots of wonderful adult conversation.

Monday: We had an early early appointment at the chiro, so early that we couldn’t even do the other errands I had planned because the stores weren’t open, so we had to kill some time, and then ended up colliding with Brielle’s nap time, which led to her screaming bloody murder for 40 minutes (the entire way home and then some).

Tuesday: We made what meant to be a lovely three layer mocha chocolate cake for Amelia’s birthday, but she ended up with a flat tire and couldn’t come. I had our first MOPS event of the year, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Today: We weren’t going to do anything, but I was finally able to bribe the preschooler to take a nap for the first time in four days (and she is SO hard to deal with when she is overtired, and still very much needs a nap); we went over to another friend’s for some afternoon fun. And Aviana went on her first date. 🙂

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