Ah. The children are all outside playing with Dada. I love winter. He has time to play.

It has been a long day. Everyone was screaming and fussing first thing this morning. That level of noise and defiance is hard to bear any time of day, but it’s especially dreadful first thing in the morning. And it seemed to last forever.

In a way, the hysteria is hysterical. Aviana completely losing it because her lego staircase won’t stay together. Cadrian stomping and screaming and clapping because I won’t hold him while I commence my day. Brielle whining because she wants juice or a shake and nothing else will do. I can’t help but laugh at my children sometimes–partially just to maintain my sanity.

I wonder if God is ever tempted to laugh at me. I mean, He breathed the stars into being and created the Mariana Trench and I’m stressing because we lost a library book. It helps me put it all in perspective and let go a little.

Like when I discovered Cadrian gleefully tossing plant dirt all over the living room while I was reading to the girls two feet away, I didn’t even freak.

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