Pain free?

I have had my share of pain with a history of migraines, but never have I had chronic debilitating pain. I know God is allowing me to walk through this (pun intended, since some days I can barely walk) so I can have more empathy for others, and I’m sure a host of other reasons. I can see now why chronic pain is so often associated with depression.

I went to see my sister in Colorado, which hopefully will be another (positive) post. While I was there, I had an appointment with her chiropractor who specializes in muscle testing for food allergies. It is good to know that the only thing I need to avoid is chemicals, which we are already trying to do. It is challenging to know that we need to avoid dairy for Brielle and reduce wheat for Aviana; a bit of overwhelming, to be honest.

That evening I started developing a terrible pain in my thigh. I had been playing with my three year old nephew and thought maybe I had just overworked my muscles a bit. It continued to get worse and extended to both legs. By the time I got back to Iowa, I was up most of the night in pain, in pain most of the evening and only able to lie on the couch with a heating pad and moan and cry a little bit.

I went to see my chiropractor here, contacted my midwife and the chiropractor I saw out in CO and everyone is somewhat stymied. My midwife did say I could take Tylenol, so that is helping. Last night I was able to feel almost normal and laugh at funny websites. I was optimistic that I would sleep through the night, but I was wrong.

To compound matters, Brielle has a sore throat and has been waking up in the night. I’ve been sleeping in our newly cozy guest room (so at least I’m not keeping Kevin up too) across from her room so I’m the one getting up with her to comfort her and give her medicine.

This morning has been the first time that I’ve really even felt coherent enough to write some thoughts…

Praising God for that. Praising God for Brielle’s stuffy nosed happy cricket voice. Praising God the other children aren’t sick. Praising God for a reprieve from the pain. Praising God for my husband who’s been a saint–a bona fide saint.  Praising God that He’s right there with me through the pain, when it’s all I can think about.

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