Our new kitty ect.

This is Claudia. Claudia, say hello to all your adoring fans.

Kevin got Claudia as a gift with purchase yesterday when he bought a four-wheeler from a very nice farm couple. So nice in fact, that when Claudia escaped from her box in the truck while he was chatting with them and he drove off without her, they called him and drove her six miles down the road so he could surprise his wife with her. She is quite friendly and sweet.

Today has been a bit wearing.To explain why is a complicated story, but I had to go pick up Kevin’s little brother (from Big Brothers/Big Sisters, even though they aren’t in the program anymore, we still call him that) from the doctor this morning & take him to his apartment to get his stuff for school. We dropped by Hardee’s as he hadn’t yet eaten anything, and then took him to school. I made it home just in time to play with Aviana outside for a bit and nurse Brielle to sleep before my sister and her two girls showed up for a short visit. We fed the chickens rotted pears and grapes (they don’t like fresh), collected eggs and played some more. I mopped for the first time since well before I had the baby, and typically, it was incredibly dewy outside and my FIL mowed yesterday so we brought in a gob of grass clippings. (In case you’re not familiar with gob, that’s a lot!) After we ate, I had like, an hour and a half to get Aviana to pick up all her toys strewn hither and yon, and down for her nap. I bet you know what’s coming…

Now it’s three hours later, and while the house is picked up and clean much to my relief– SHE is STILL not asleep. On the plus side, she IS lying quietly in her bed singing to herself instead of screaming and crying. Anymore.

I just finished my second Diet Mt. Dew of the day. Everybody gives me a hard time about being a caffeine junkie, but I don’t really care. I don’t really have any other vices and I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon. Although since I am breastfeeding, I do feel a tad guilty.

I think Miss A is finally asleep, so I am going to trot myself upstairs and finish the huge project I undertook yesterday. I should have taken a “before” pic, so you could be as impressed as I am. I am organizing our storage room and culling a lot of stuff we don’t use. Soon, you’ll be able to walk in there and actually find stuff!

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