Our new kitties

My sister-in-law told Kevin to tell me she wants to see more pictures on here and not so much writing. So this post is for you, Connie–fewer words–more pictures!
Can you see Brielle and me reflected in the window? This is taken from the kitchen looking out onto our porch.

We got these kitties on Monday–from a little old lady who spoiled them rotten–We’re training them to be outdoor cats, but she must have given them tons of attention, as they cry all the time to be petted and sneak into the house every chance they get. This morning I had to rescue one from behind the sectional, and have the scratches to show for it. The mostly white one Aviana named Zoozoo. The one with the dark face was named Patches and the other Mittens by above mentioned little old lady. A bit too unoriginal for me, so I may still change them.

2 thoughts on “Our new kitties

  1. Cute kitties. They’re all girls aren’t they? I’ve heard tricolor cats are always female. LOL, if you don’t spay them you’ll have a bazillion kittens come springtime next year!

    I love kitties, they are so cute. I’m allergic though so we’ll never have them at our house.

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