Today in MOPS we heard an absolutely dynamic speaker. I was truly impressed. I had not really looked forward to this meeting, because she was talking about organizing.

Last year, we had had a speaker come and talk about organizing, and she had a thinly veiled “I’m so much better than you” air about her that really got under my skin.

By nature, I’m a messy. I know however, that I function so much better and feel so much more at peace with my environment when things are tidy and in their place. It’s a constant battle for me to go against what I’d rather do –play and be lazy, and make myself do what I know I need. Plus with Kevin not seeming to care or notice that much and the girls the ages they are, simply maintaining some tidiness and organization is always an uphill (up Mt. Kilimanjaro) climb!

I perked up right away when this speaker said that her God given temperament is sanguine, just like me. (If you’re curious as to which you are, here is a quick totally not scientific test you can take which will give you a good idea and which has the strengths and weaknesses of all four temperaments on the right side) She has had to work for the last ten years on changing her style in order to be more organized. Further more, she was FUNNY! Always a huge plus for me, I immediately wanted to organize and purge my house from top to bottom.

Being around my friends also energizes me, so upon arriving home, while Aviana was sleeping, I got rid of a lot of duplicates from my drawers, and made labels for this drawer so everything will have a “home” (label maker :gift from DH)

organized the girl’s drawer, and tossed some mismatched stuff
likewise the plastic ware drawer
got all the clothes folded. (They are still on the dining room table, but hey baby steps, people, baby steps) Those baskets were all full of clean unfolded clothes and the rack so full of hanging clothes I don’t think it would have held another thing.
got out eleven pounds of ground beef to thaw with the intention of browning it all tomorrow, which will save me a lot of time in the long run when I’m preparing dinner
and cleaned out and wiped out the fridge (actually, I did this yesterday, but it seems appropriate to include it today)

But before you start worshiping the dirty lineoleum on which I tread, (Or thinking I’m a few eggs short of a dozen) I still had a mess on the counter

and the floor!
Then while Kevin took the girls upstairs, I made dinner and finished cleaning the kitchen.

All in all, a good start!

5 thoughts on “Organizing

  1. I make mass quantities of ground beef too for the freezer. It’s so nice to be able to cook spaghetti or something in the amount of time it takes the pasta to boil!

    Sometimes I even mix it with ground turkey. Shhhh it’s much healthier that way and no one knows.

  2. Looks great! Just what I need to do, but for me, whenever I think it’s time to pull everything out and organize one of the grandgirls wants to come and visit. Which of course means that it’s time to play and I put off my work until another day. Which of course will by interrupted by a call from one of the grandgirls….

  3. Wow you’re off with fervor! I struggle a lot with organization…but am getting smarter the more things I take on. Still, the more organized my church and homeschool activities are, the more disorganized my home is! :O(

    I haven’t browned that much hamburger all at once ever, and I LOVE to mega-cook! Way to go! You are inspiring me…I do love having frozen bundles of the stuff already browned and ready to go…you’ll be so glad for the quick suppers in your future!

    Btw, loved all the pictures!

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