Oops!…or maybe not!

I love my clothesline. As soon as it is warm enough in the spring, I am out there, letting my clothes dry in the breezes. Yes, it takes a while. Yes, I sometimes find fly specks or bird doo on them and have to re-wash. Yes, it isn’t good for my allergies.

I love it anyway.

I hung out two loads of laundry this morning, and all three lines were completely full. Not a spare clothespin to be had.

It’s May 25th and we are waaay below normal rainfall, so much so that the beans were just laying in dusty brown dirt, and even I was beginning to watch the weather intently.

The weather people had been predicting rain at least three times a week all month, and all we’ve ever gotten was a couple of tenths of an inch.

Kevin casually mentioned, amidst bathing the muddy baby and making dinner, “Don’t forget the clothes on the line.”

Can you see where I’m going with this?

It started raining three hours ago and it continues still. Maybe my forgetting the clothes somehow conjured up a good drenching. Unlikely, but nevertheless, I’ve never been so glad to re-wash clothes!

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