On Branching Out

So Sunday nights at our house are traditionally low key.

I cook at least one meal a day all week long, usually from scratch. Sundays at noon we may do a crock-pot meal or we may stop at a deli on the way home from church (which lately, to be honest, is what we do.)

Sunday night I like to follow in the tradition of my dear ma, who always settled us in with popcorn, cheese and apples and the Disney movie playing on ABC. I still remember snuggling up with my brother and sister our shared plate of apple and Monterey-Jack slices on our laps, and our paper bag of salty popcorn in between, watching Pete’s Dragon or Swiss Family Robinson. Good times.

We almost always have popcorn, cheese and apples on Sunday nights too. It took Kevin a while to adjust to the idea this could be a meal, but now he likes it too. It doesn’t feel like Sunday night without popcorn, cheese and apples.

Tonight, however, I branched out. He’s out in the fields, so I just made what I felt like, which turned out to be sweet rolls from a tube, and cheesy scrambled eggs with ham and broccoli. It was good.

Next week, I’m going back to popcorn, cheese, and apples. Sometimes, you just have to stick to tradition.

2 thoughts on “On Branching Out

  1. We used to watch the Disney movie on Sunday nights at my grandmother’s ’cause we didn’t have a TV. (Still don’t) Also would watch Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Thanks for the memory!

  2. kate says:

    My Mom had his tradition growing up too and we had it growing up too. She said they always had it on Sunday nights. If I am lucky enough to have kids I will keep the tradition going and tell them it came from their great- grandmother.

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