Oh–we painted a dresser this morning. And by we, I mean the girls and I painted. It was a bit of a scramble there for a while, trying to make sure one was pushing the baby in the swing, and the other wasn’t dripping too badly, the clumps of dog hair floating around didn’t get in the paint, the rollers weren’t dropped too many times into the leaves and dirt and gravel and they were each getting their equal share of doing the seemingly more important job of painting instead of baby pushing. I’m sure there’s a lesson there…

I didn’t actually intend for it to be purple and green, but the purple was mismarked, or else I just couldn’t see the color dot very well in the basement, but at any rate I’m happy with it. It’s empty right now, but I intend to fill it to the brim with crafty type materials and do a children’s seasonal display on top.

Well, we’ve been eating fresh from the garden. Thank goodness for Opa, who delivers the goods from my yard (in which he has his garden) to my door. I have pulled and cut a vegetable or two myself, but not nearly as much as I should having a lush thriving garden only across the lane.
And there’s been a lot of this going on lately. Cadrian is in a PHASE. I don’t know what exactly, but he sure loves his mama. I do love attachment parenting, but it can be hard when they are really, really attached, and you have to peel them off like wallpaper in a 150 year old farmhouse.

Since it’s summertime, what can be better than one’s very first root beer float? Made by a very loving Dada who took a special break in the middle of the day is just icing on the cake.

3 thoughts on “Oh…well…and…since

  1. It's his age. CJ is 21 months and he's just now starting to venture away from me a little more. From about 1 until now he's been stuck like glue to my side. Now he's testing his limits and I'm wishing for the days where he stuck to me like glue ;).

  2. Love it. My husband gave our lil' bean his first root beer float when I had to be away one weekend….along with pizza, cookies, fries…..so now he knows he'll get junk whenever Momma's gone, and he likes that. 🙂

  3. Definitely his age! Abigail is a "late bloomer" when it comes to those phases kids go through and she is definitely in the stranger-danger-i-only-want-my-mommy phase right now!

    FUN FUN FUN getting to pick your own produce (or have it delivered to the back door, LOL!). I had hoped to plant this spring but ended up not being able. *SIGH* Hopefully one of these days! I'd at least like to plant some pumpkins.

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