The last couple days have been Looooooooooong. If one of my girls isn’t tantruming, the other one is. If there is something Brielle can do to be naughty, she will.

I can not even begin to count the number of sit-on-your-beds, go on the porch to screams, naughty steps, swats, redirection, Nos, Avi-ANA!s and BREE-ELLE!s I have administered in the past 48 hours.

Nursing all the while. (It feels like.)

Brielle has skipped her naps too, although she did do better staying in her room today than yesterday during quiet time. She was up for a couple hours in the night, screaming for part of it.

Aviana is whiney and prone to dramatics. Very loud dramatics.

They are bickering about as much as they get along, mostly because Aviana keeps trying to boss Brielle, and Brielle will have none of that!

But despite it all, we manage to have some terrific moments. Sweet conversations and wonderful snuggles.

Like when Aviana and I were talking about the little pioneer village nearby that holds special events for Memorial Day and Labor Day. She wants to go back to see all the re-enactments again, and inquired, “Tan we doe dere adin on Birth Day?”

“Birth Day?” I ask, “Oh you mean Labor Day!?”

Or how Brielle calls Cadrian “Craisin” and says to him when he’s wailing, “Oh poor wittle Craisin. Why fussin’, Craisin? It’s otay wittle tiny baby!”

We manage.

7 thoughts on “Oh. My. GOODNESS!

  1. Been there. Done that. Hang in there. When I had Micah we went through this phase with Abby & Emmy. I think it's just them working out the new normal. Be consistent. Be loving. Be firm about the rules. And BE patient…you will get through this. Another thought that I learned from a dear friend/mentor of mine is that she noticed…and I have too…that kids seem to go through a naughty phase along with their growth spirts. For Emmmy it's every Jan/Feb that we deal with some trying times. And my friend & I have decided the bouts of naughtiness come with growth spirts because as they grow there are new things to be explored, new rules to try, new boundries to be tested. (i.e…growing taller…they can now reach things and get into things they couldn't before…etc…) And…Jessica! Give yourself a pat on the back and the permission to have good cry or whatever comforts you. Cadrian is ONLY 1 month old!

  2. Must be something in the air. My girls have been getting on each others nerves too. Luckily I get to send them back to school in a week and out of mine and each others hair for six hours. Okay, that sounds bad I guess. I think sometimes they really need that break from each other and me to appreciate each other though.

    How sweet about Brielle calling Cadrian Craisin. That’s cute.

  3. Sounds familiar. I about lost it several times this week. Maddie cries all day if she is not held and she is hardly sleeping during the day (and she’s only 9 mos old!). I am glad you are able to still see the goodness and sweetness in each day!

    That’s cute that Brielle calls him Craisin—it makes me think of those cranberry-raisin thingys!

  4. Wow…sounds so sweet, but I’m not there. I bet it’s stressful, but when you look back you’ll be amazed! I just got my period today…so I’m aching and just want to curl up in a QUIET house and read…won’t happen.

  5. Yup… right now it’s all about the surviving. Thriving comes later. How can I know this??? Because I have done it, barely hanging on, but I lived to tell about it 🙂 (Barely).

    It gets better…. Promise.


  6. Aww, ((((hugs!!)))) I know the feeling, girl. When John got home last night, he asked me if I wanted to eat outside on the deck with him and the kids (he had a fire going in the fire bowl). I just looked at him. Then he asked me if I’d like some time to myself on the couch to watch the Olympics while he played with the kids outside. I think I may have started crying, I was so happy!! 🙂

    Yes, there are good moments in between, and it’s awesome that you can still see and remember then in the midst of the crappy days. It helps. 🙂


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