I was seriously freaking out. My internet was down all morning! Can you believe it?

My first fest and I can’t even participate!!

I had my It’s Real Life post set to post itself automatically, (Thank Goodness I accidentally figured out how to do that) but I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to see you guys today.

Phew! I am back from our park morning/picnic and it is working again. I guess there were some problems w/ our internet server’s company three hours away.

So. Off to visit you! Can’t wait.

Although you’ll have to forgive me for showing up without a hostess gift.

3 thoughts on “Oh MAN!

  1. Ack. I couldn’t get any good pics without my own camera so what’s a mom to do? I bought one- it will be here in the next two days. Just in time for next week’s festival.

  2. Thanks so much for fixing my link. Guess I was a bit sleep this morning when I was doing the Mr Linky. We were gone at the beach all day and just got home. Thanks for your help! I’ve off to see everyone’s real life!!

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