Oh the joys.

So. Ahem.

Brielle tends to get a really bad rash. Sometimes after her diaper change, when I fear no evil, I will let her run around without a diaper, to sort of let her air out.

I’m sure you can see where this is going.

I changed her into a spare long-sleeved turtleneck onesie that still matched her outfit, since she had spilled pink milk all over the first one, and let her go.

Suddenly, Aviana says, “I smell dirtyness.”


Brielle was covered in it; her socks and shoes were filled; it was on our comfy chair, the couch, and a white chenille pillow with fringe (I don’t hold out much hope for that wedding present.) After everyone and everything was sprayed- wiped down- cleaned up-disinfected-and safely ensconced in a diaper, and I thought I could relax, Aviana brings me a poo decorated ball.

While I was in the bathroom dousing the toddler, Aviana started singing to the tune of “Happy Birthday!”–Diarrhea to you, Diarrhea to you, Happy Poo Day dear Mama, Diarrhea to you!”

Where was I while all of this poo action is going on? About three feet away, reading an email about illegal immigrants and cheap tomatoes. Grr. Stupid email. It’s deleted now!

***EDITED TO ADD***When Kevin came home a couple of hours later, he asked me if we’d had any strange animals in the house. I looked at him askance, and said, “No. Why?”

“Because there’s a big pile of poo in the middle of the kitchen floor.” On the carpet part. That we had cleaned a month ago.

4 thoughts on “Oh the joys.

  1. OH, the charmed life of a mother. That was definitely “one of those days”. When old ladies tell us we’ll look back and wish our kids could be small again, they’re right- we will!… but we’ll probably edit “those days” out.


  2. LOL!! I’m laughing but I totally feel your pain. Bubby took all his clothes off last week and pooped right in the middle of the hall. Then today he took the diaper off in the living room and did the same thing. I thought this was a boy thing or something. haha!

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