Oh the irony

One of Aviana’s favorite things, ever since she could execute it herself, is to be in the buff. This afternoon she comes running out of her room, naked as the day she was born, laughing hysterically, hoping to get a big reaction from me. No huge reaction was forthcoming, so she just went about her business without a stitch of clothing, while I made dinner.

It wasn’t long before she dashed into the bathroom, still au naturel, closing the door and saying sternly to her small sister, “You tan’t tum in Bwee-elle. I need some pwivacy!”

6 thoughts on “Oh the irony

  1. TOO funny!
    Gwen likes to do the ‘Nakey dance’ and run around the house au natural before taking a bath. And shaking her bootie while she does it 🙂

  2. Love the visual picture.
    Thanks for the visit to my blog. I’ll post more about my studies. I did quite a few – but never got any comments so thought no one wanted to read about it…
    Thanks for the question..

  3. That is too funny! She must be your youngest. Our daughter also LOVES to be naked, and I have to keep some sort of pants on her at all times or the diaper is off! Looks like I will be buying stock in diaper covers.

    We are really hoping this is a stage she manages to grow out of quickly! 🙂


  4. My girls were the same way till they were 5! As soon as we walked in the house they ripped their clothes off as fast a they could. Thankfully Jacob just likes to walk around in his t-shirt and underwear, I don’t think I could handle another nudist in the family 🙂


  5. Hi Jessica,, found your blog from Country magazine! Thanks for sharing your life with us! We are a military family of seven, stationed in Alaska. Catch up with us at http://www.mamabearsdenak.blogspot.com
    My middle child, Alyssa, has always been the streaker in this house! She’s 11 now, so has left those activities “behind” :-D,,but for a few years, we were treated frequently to the sight of those two little white ‘mawshmellows’ tearing through the house,and occasionally out the door. Our very understanding neighbour called her Lady Godiva and was always suprised to see her fully clothed: “Oh look! Lys has clothes on!” 😀

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