Oh- I just love my MIL!

My mother-in-law Joyce is a wonderful person in every sense of the word. She tries her best to live as God would want her to live. Let me just tell you what she did for me today:

Brielle was up all night again–for the fifth night in a row. I get sleep in about 40 minute increments. Finally Kevin woke up some of the times we were up, so he finally realized I haven’t been exaggerating (not that I’m prone to do that or anything). Aviana had stayed the night over at their house. I was exhausted, so when Kevin got home in the morning I just handed him the baby and fell back into bed.

I slept like the dead until Brielle started screaming again, and he had to get to work. He took pity on me and called for backup–Joyce was over in a flash. She took Brielle over too so I could get some more rest (and you know I was tiredly incoherent because I was only wearing a sports bra and yoga pants when my mother-in-law walked in, and I didn’t even realize it until later!) By that time, I couldn’t get back to sleep unfortunately, but I did take a shower all by myself. For as long as I wanted. And I painted my toenails. And folded several loads of laundry independently of “helpers”. And read the comics and savored my cup of coffee. And talked on the phone. And stared out the window.

Time well spent.

I went to pick up the girls to go to some sales, and Joyce offered to go with me. Then she offered to have us for lunch. Then she practically ordered me to go take a nap while she played with the girls. Then she offered to go with us to the chiro–which turned out to be even better because I had forgotten I had a re-eval, so it was a two hour appointment.

She spent her entire day helping me.

Now don’t you just love her too?

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