Oh hooray!

Have I ever told you I love MOPS? Well, I do. It’s great. It’s been a lifesaver of me.

Have I ever told you that I felt like God was asking me to start a MOPS group at my home church? Well, He is. So I am.

He started talking to me about it close to two years ago. It took some time to accept my calling; I feel terribly inadequate. It’s been officially in the works for nearly a year.

We are not doing MOPS; but instead a very similar type of group. It will be called Mom’s Time Out. We had our first official planning meeting with some women committed to being in leadership this morning.

At the end of the meeting, I just started crying. I didn’t understand exactly why, unless it was just relief that the meeting was over and I could stop feeling nervous. But my co-coordinator and friend said, “It’s the realization of your vision. It’s the beginning of the fruition of your dream!”

Yes it is. God’s dream to be precise, but it is. Praise HIM!

12 thoughts on “Oh hooray!

  1. Oh! I’m so excited for you! And you’re not alone. I feel the same way when I in the midst of something that is so clearly from God. IT’s awesome how He uses our passions to serve Him! Please keep me updated on how it’s going and what you are doing!

  2. That is awesome. I wish you tons of luck. We are moving in less than a month. My childrens school FRC (Family Resource Center) is going to miss us terribly (their words I swear I’m not being conceded). Anyways, the director of the FRC keeps telling me I could start one in TN I know how. As much as I love the FRC and how much they do for the families at our school I’m not quite as confident in myself. Honestly, I would have no clue where to begin. Well, funding I guess ;). But anyways, reading your story here sure does make me think. Maybe it is possible. Scary, but possible ;).

  3. Very awesome, daughter! We serve a mighty big God, who loves you very much, and has special ways for you to serve Him that no one else can do! You’re gonna do so good!!!! (and be so challenged, and learn so much, and grow and grow and grow…) As our friend, Sharon, says, “He puts us in places of service for our benefit, for that is when we grow the most!”

  4. Wow, that is so awesome! That is incredible exciting and I can’t blame you for crying. I think the lady was right–God is bringing things together in the right time and your meeting is the realization of that.

    I assume this means we’ll be losing you at MOPS? 🙁
    And your new group–is that only open to moms from your church?

  5. There was never a MOPS group around me- or if there was I neverheard of it… but I see and read wonderful things about them in so many posts on so many blogs. It sounds like a wonderful idea- glad you are seeing it happen!

  6. good for you. Here I have yet to connect with a Mom’s time out that suits us, but in my old city ladies coffee hour was amazing!!! good for you for starting one.

  7. wow! good for you, Jess! that is so great. I LOVE mops too! I havit next friday, and I can’t wait! It will be a sad day for me when all my kids are too old for me to attend. I’ll have to help out with coordinating or something just so I can stay!

  8. MOPS was a lifesaver for me at one time, too. I’m always the leader in just about anything I do, but for the first year in MOPS I was utterly ministered to and it was wonderful. It was such a blessing, that the very next year, when it was announced that the group would be disbanning because of lack of a qualified leader, God led me to start one at my church. My children’s minister was 100% behind me and helped me get it together. I also felt VERY unqualified and overwhelmed, but that year I adopted this saying as my motto: “God does not call the equipped, He equips the called.” That and lots of prayer got me through. The group was a huge blessing to many women for several years before it also closed down and moved to another church.

    I know you feel unqualified, but if the Lord is calling you, He will equip you. I’m proud of you for stepping out on faith and following His lead. You and many others will be blessed because of your faithfulness and obedience. You will be a GREAT leader!! 🙂

    See, I told you I’d be back when my computer was fixed (well replaced, actually). Now you’ll be hearing from me lots more! lol Lucky you! 😉

  9. That’s so great! Wish I lived closer to you- I’d love to come. I didn’t have much luck with MOPS. The one group I tried to get involved with after Dillon was born was very cliquey (hard to believe at a church I know…) but I think the idea behind it is wonderful. I long for a group like yours in my town! It’s so nice to spend positive, God-glorifying time with other Moms once in awhile 🙂

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