Of Late

Our friend Aaron caught a snake
His mama Ruth warily looks on–that snake was FAST! We all did a lot of shrieking when it escaped the confines of its cottage cheese container.
Brielle watches her grandpa mow
Cadrian gets his first four wheeler ride
Story hour with Miss Maggie
and with Miss Crystal. I just love our local library–the staff is amazing.
Silly close up
Making a bridge like Curious George did in Friday’s episode

Somebody still wants to be the baby of the family**********************************************************************************
We went to buy a lawn mower from a nice older couple yesterday, a venture that took most of the day–funny how that works with kids; what with stopping to potty and eat and nurse ect…Anyway when the lady realized I had such a young baby, she told me, “You are pretty darn thin for having a three week old!”

I blushed prettily and graciously accepted the compliment.

Of course she was blind in one eye and didn’t see well out of the other. But a compliment is a compliment, and by george, I’m going to take it!
Aviana was getting chastised for pestering me alternately to watch a movie, have a snack or read a story. I had my hands full and denied her every request, telling her to go find something else to do. She responded with, “I tan onwy fink about watching fings, eating or weeding. Dat’s ALL I can fink about!!”

12 thoughts on “Of Late

  1. Oooh, a snake! How cool.
    I love that photo of Cadrian going for a ride…
    You looked great in the photo of you nursing…ask Kevin to take a photo of you. I bet you’re thinner than you perceive.

  2. I love Aviana. She says the most wonderful, wonderful things!

    And I’m so jealous you now have Miss Crystal as your librarian. She used to be at OUR library…and babysat my Hubby when he was little. Small world, huh?

  3. I love it when people comment like that after I’ve had my babies. I often think thank goodness that you don’t see when the top comes off.

    I love how well your little girls communicate!

  4. I love the pictures you post of your family doing everyday kinds of things. Everyone always looks so happy and content.

    My daughter thinks about eating, cartoons and markers most of the time, lol.

  5. Great post as usual… 🙂 I so enjoy seeing and reading about your world! Love the tu-tu on your daughter, she is so sweet! We too are big fans of Curious George. At our house he is called “George the Monkey” we watch him every.single.day. (thank you TiVo)

    It would have taken a huge amount of mommy strength not to shriek at that snake!!

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