Ode to my clothesline

Oh really.

My clothesline is a testament of love. Really.

First, it’s a testament of Kevin’s love for me. I mentioned that I wanted a clothesline when we first moved over to the farm. He immediately went to work scouring the ads in obscure farm community papers for a good (cheap) set. We bought some from an old lady’s son, after we walked 3/4 of a mile into her field to find the cross bars in a pile of refuse. Kevin lovingly dug deep holes and put cement in them and created my wonderful line.

And also, he’s been known to go out in the dark to retrieve clothes I have forgotten on the line.

Second, it’s a testament of my love for my family. I love to hang the clothes out there, to let them dry in the breeze. I love how they still smell like God when I take them out of the basket and finally get the clothes put away five days later. I love to be out in the fresh air, having some peace and feeling warmly domestic.

And finally, it’s a testament of God’s love for me. I truly connect best with my God when I’m out in His creation. Invariably, He reminds me of Him while I’m doing my favorite little chore. I’ve been known to belt out some How Great Thou Art, or simply pray, or to talk over whatever it is I’ve been learning in my quiet time. Sometimes I even look like I’m dancing.

I am truly truly thankful for this love line.

7 thoughts on “Ode to my clothesline

  1. I used to love clotheslines! Then my kids had allergies and I learned that clotheslines are not good. 🙁 Miss that fresh air smellin my towels and sheets…

  2. My mother never had a woking dryer until I started college. Then I bought it. I was working 3 jobs and going to school at night. My laundry wasn’t get dry because by the time I got home at night the dew had wet my clothes that were so precisely hung on the line that morning before work. It was fairly common in the winter for my clothes to have chunks of ice.

    Nowadays, I would trade my dryer in a heartbeat for a clothesline, especially in the summer when we have tons of towels from the pool. As a matter of fact, I have tried to get the men to help put one in. It’s just getting them to take the time.

  3. Awww! We used to have a clothesline and hung our clothes out periodically. I wish we had one here but we live in the city and there’s probably so much cigarette smoke next door and pollution that I’d regret hanging our clothes out.

  4. A good clothesline is a great find. I miss mine so much (a drying rack just doesn’t cut it). I’ve used one for years and love it! I’ll hopefully have one put up in the next month or so!

  5. I improvised a clothesline! lol Inside our old turtle pen, I hung clothesline rope from side to side, filling the whole pen. Now, I hang as much laundry as I can when the weather’s good, and only use the dryer at night or when the weather’s bad. Sure helps on the electric bill. But, the very best part is the quiet as I hang or take down, and being in the outdoors. It’s like a “breather” for me so I can get myself together and get back to work. I know my husband thinks I’m crazy to use a line over a dryer, but using the dryer all the time makes me feel trapped inside. This is a great time of year to hang the clothes!

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