Ode to the Horse

I was looking for a recipe for my mom’s Never Fail Pie Crust, and accidentally pulled out the wrong recipe book. I have inherited all my grandma and my great-grandmother’s recipes. In the front of that book, in my great-grandmother’s script written neatly with a fountain pen, I found the following poem.

I quickly searched to see if someone else had written it, and nothing turned up.

I present to you:
Ode to the Horse,
by Kate Correll Moon Bickel

Ah horse, you are a wondrous thing,
No horn to honk, no bell to ring
No license buying every year with plates to screw on front and rear.
No spark to miss, No clutch to slip.
You start yourself, no gears to strip.
No gas bills climbing every day to steal the joy of life away.
Your inner tubes are all O.K.
and thank goodness they stay that way,
Your spark plugs never miss or fuss.
Your motor never makes us cuss.
Your frame is good for many a mile,
Your body never changes style.
Your wants are few and easy met.
You’ve got a lot on the auto yet.

(I never did find the pie crust recipe)

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