I somehow came across a bio for Muriel Hemingway, who has written some books or something. Her bio describes her as an advocate for sane and wholesome living.

I just love how that sounds. Me too; I’m an advocate for sane and wholesome living.

The other night at dinner Kevin told Aviana for the umpteenth time to stop talking and eat her meal. She replied, “I will, but I dist have a million twestions!”

A friend whose kids were loving the hayride and outdoor toys and animals:
Your farm is like Disneyland!

I love the Internet. Love it.

The other day we were working on “The Five Senses” in Preschool. Pictures for ‘hearing’ included a violin and another a trumpet. I realized that Aviana had not ever heard either of these instruments, and a fast search of youtube produced several wonderful samples. Our favorite was this amazing showing.

Another time Aviana asked me to rock her and sing “Holy Holy Holy.” I only know the first verse, but a quick google later led me to a website with not only the words, but the accompaniment to Holy Holy Holy and many other favorite hymns as well.

Many nights before bed, we play Aviana her “good night songs”–

This one is also a “good night song” but for worn out Mamas and Dadas. Personally, I love it

Blogging has led me to many virtual friends, and lots of great info, ideas and interaction with wonderful wonderful people, all across the country.

The internet has allowed me to get back in touch with people I used to know…junior high, high school, college…it’s amazing.

Many of the activities we use for preschool, and certainly the rhythm of our schedule were found on the internet.

Even something as simple as looking up a recipe–I know I have it in one of my Quick Cooking magazines, but instead of spending scads of time searching for it, I go online.

I don’t even use a dictionary anymore–

I LOVE the internet. Love it!
Staying up later than I meant to last night, I happened upon a rerun of Sex in the City. So of course I watched it. Setting the total lack of sense of self and any modicum of morality these women portray aside, (is there any accuracy to that show at all?) I actually Learned Something.

Carrie, the main character, was dating having constant sex with a guy who loved jazz. She told him she didn’t like jazz because there was no melody; it was just all over the place. He told her to stop trying to make it be something it isn’t, and to enjoy it for what it is.

I think life with kids is a little like that. All over the place. No melody. Some days, pure cacophony. I could take a cue from the Sex in the City guy–stop trying to make it be something it isn’t (little children into productive, rational members of society), and to enjoy it for what it is.

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  1. Aw. The trumpet You Tube didn’t load up for me. I’d love to show that to my “Jericho” girl. :O)

    That Aviana is looking SO grown up…did she get a hair-cut? Wow.

    ~A fellow advocate for sane and wholesome living


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