What a long leggedy colt I have! She’s modeling her new swimsuit.

I also picked up the girls a couple of matching outfits. I’m so excited about dressing them alike. For many years, my own mama made my sister and me matching dresses for Easter. I always felt so pretty and special, like I belonged. As a teen, I was too concerned about what others–always the imaginary others–would think to continue with the tradition, but I know exactly what Easter it was I quit doing it, and what I wore. And now, as an adult, I want to make matching outfits for all of us–here’s my first attempt for Aviana’s first birthday. My biggest problem is lack of follow through.


Kevin told me this morning that drinking coffee lowers your risk of heart disease by 50% according to Dr. Dean Adell. You can’t get that kind of promise from any of the prescription most MDs are doling out, or even from a treadmill. Drink on, coffee lovers!


I was singing “Hush little baby don’t say a word…” to try and quiet the fussy infant. Aviana comes over and says, “Wait dust a setond Mama.” She proceeds to bring out one of Brielle’s musical toys, pushes the appropriate button and presto–tinny electronic accompaniment to my lullaby.
Aviana’s favorites seem to include getting into trouble.
We’re reading Little House in the Big Woods, and her favorite story is when cousin Charley cries wolf at harvest time, and ends up getting horribly stung by yellow jackets. She also really loves Bedtime for Frances, a story about a badger who keeps popping out of bed, and the part in Yellowstone Cubs when Tubby and Tuffy destroy the lodge’s kitchen. One of her favorite Bible stories is when Jonah is swallowed by a big fish because he’s disobedient!
Is this normal? Maybe she just likes to know others are as mischievous as she is…


2 thoughts on “Oddments

  1. Hey–love the matching outfits–so Springlike. You did good! From the looks of that and the bathing suit, I’d say you’re thumbing your nose at winter! (Me too!)

    My six year old’s absolute favorite Bible story EVER is Jonah…I’ve read it to her straight from the Bible so many times I’ve lost count. My nine year old is getting sick of it!

    We love Bedtime for Frances! Ours is a leftover from my childhood…

  2. Don’t you love reading your favorites to your kids?! We have many books from when Kevin and I were little. Our moms are savers 🙂

    Only a few more days til spring!

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