**While hanging out in the fitting rooms today: A lady comes out of her fitting room and sees Aviana standing there. She blithely makes conversation.

“What do you think of this jacket? I have sons at home and they won’t care. What do you think?” She’s not really expecting Aviana to answer of course.

Aviana thinks this over a minute. “You’ll be hot.”

**I’m wearing a red warm up suit accented by sparkly stars, one on a rear pocket, one on the jacket: Aviana pats my bummie on the side with the star on the pocket and says, ” ‘Parkly ‘tar on dis side.”
Pats my other side. “No on dis side”
Pats the first side again. “‘Parkly ‘tar on dis side doe.” as if to reassure me I do have a little bit of sparkle.
Then as she’s walking away, she kind of says to herself, “Gigi have ‘parkly s’irt” which is true–her Gigi chooses sparkles whenever possible.

**When getting dressed this morning, my little Miss is at my side as usual. I pull out my long sleeved black tee-shirt that reads “Oh Baby”. As I’m putting it on, Little Miss Smarty McGoodmemory says, “Oh Baby!”

I remain amazed.

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