I am way too young for birthday cards like “It’s not the number of candles on your cake that counts…” and yet to my chagrined surprise, that is what I got from my aunt today.

And then I opened the card from my grandma:

The inside says: Doesn’t God have a weird sense of humor?

I think my family has a weird sense of humor.

My mom first sent that card to my grandma in 1989 and they have been circulating it ever since among lucky familial recipients with the same sick and twisted 😉 sense of humor.

I made the mistake of saying ‘I’d better never get this card sent to me!’

13 thoughts on “NUH-UH!

  1. Why do I think some family member will come retrieve that card and will continue to send it to you repeatedly!

    (Never say never in our family either!)

    So are birthday greetings in order?!? Happy Happy!

  2. Euuuwww….I realised as I had my kids that people dont judge age by a number but by THE NUMBER OF kids you have. So Honey, dear Cadrian #3, Just added 8 yrs to ya!!! LOL

  3. So, it’s Friday August 1st! Jessica….I hope you’re having a LOVELY birthday!!! My big day was Tuesday, July 29th. I’m 31. I betcha don’t have sagging boobs…they’re probably full and huge!

  4. Find the humor in getting to pass the card on….as you are WAY to young to receive!!!

    Happy Birthday, sweet Jessica! What a blessed year you’ve had – may the next one be even more so!

  5. Neat how your family passes the card back and forth. I’ve enjoyed reading about your family’s adjustment to your wonderful new blessing. So very sweet. I hope you have/had a great Birthday!!

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