Now I KNOW she’s unwell

Aviana slept until 8’o’clock this morning, which would have been grand, except then I started fretting about her being strangled in her bed or something. So as soon as I went in to check on her, she was up. She has been uber-clingy and whiny all morning, but she sometimes is just that way. She didn’t eat a very big breakfast, nor eat much of the cheese and apples she begged for. I finally took her temperature, thinking she felt warm and to my surprise she has an elevated temp of 100.6ยบ. But my biggest clue came when she fell asleep on the floor at 10:20, and is still sleeping!

I had a wonderful birthday. After A’s nap, I took her over to Kylee’s for a few hours and came home and talked on the phone uninterrupted and did a scrapbook layout. Then we picked her up and dropped her off w/ Grandma and went out to eat and hung out at Border’s. It just makes me sigh in contentment.

Off to make lunch. Since A is sleeping, I’m going to make some real food, instead of the leftovers/quick foods we’ve been subsisting on for the last week. I only have the energy to deal with one thing at a time.

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