Not one of my brighter ideas

I should have known that paint and Brielle would be a bad combination, but I honestly didn’t think it would take under five seconds for her to paint her whole self. As I was setting the camera down, she dipped her arms in the paint bucket up to her elbows. Sigh.

Aviana really got into the project though, and was amazingly tidy about it. She pretty much got the whole box painted while I was inside bathing Brielle. The idea was to make a collapsible puppet theater on one side and a store on the other.

It got better when I let them have suds to wash Dada’s car.

Then they watered the flowers and the kittens before they were ready to go inside for baths.

Aviana was so thrilled about the puppet theater, she dragged that whole box into the house by herself! She needed help negotiating the corners once it was on the porch, but I had to let her give it a go after all that effort.

Tomorrow we’ll cut the intended holes in it. I’m not sure I have the energy for the original plan I had in mind.

We borrowed these puppets from the library, but they are from Oriental Trading.

14 thoughts on “Not one of my brighter ideas

  1. You are such a nice mom! I don’t think I’d have the courage to let my girls do that, cause I wouldn’t wanna to the after-cleaning. My littlest would’ve done EXACTLY what your little one did. So sweet, though, thanks for sharing.

  2. Amen. You’re such a sweet Mommy. I wouldn’t do it either because I don’t want to deal with the extra mess. Plus I figure they have enough to play with! But…maybe I’ll start looking for a big box. My girls would love to do that. Where did you get the box from anyway? How old are A & B again?

  3. We did that! Well, the painting part, when we had a big box from our…oh heck, I can’t even remember what!! lol Anyway, it didn’t turn into a store or theater. Because we’re boys, it became a race car (Nascar of course), a tank, and a jet…oh, and a fort of course. Until it rained and collapsed. Then it became a boat. Big boxes are awesome!! Oh, and for the record, we painted ourselves pretty quickly, too…only with tempera paint…then we hosed off before going inside. That was a great day!

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