Not cool

‘Member yesterday when I thought it was so cool that Aviana was counting various itmes? Today: not so cool

So we’re (the girls and I) are all snuggly in my bed this morning, not quite ready to get up and face the day. Aviana asks for a back rub, but as she has a tee shirt on under her footie jammas, I tell her I’ll give her one later since I don’t want to undo all the layers. She is then inclined to give me a toddler back rub, and hey, I’ll take what I can get, so I gratefully accept. I’m lying on my side cooing at Brielle and Aviana is lifting my shirt so she can rub my back. She immediately hones in on a mole, and asks the now tiresome, “What’s dat?”. I tell her.

Then (sigh) she sort of pinches my love handle and says, “What’s dat?”
Then she begins to count! To nine! I quickly stopped the “back rub” and tried to remember she’s only two.

In my defense, I only have one fat roll there, and I’m joining a gym. And I did just have a baby. But it’s still a funny story.

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