No nap makes mama cranky

So Aviana didn’t nap today. At all. It sucked. Kevin called me from the Promise Keepers conference all elated and I was in the midst of crying, while carrying her spread legged atop my belly bump. He’s so glad he called to check in. Note: he hasn’t yet called tonight. Perhaps he doesn’t want to hear more tearful stories.

Although the afternoon did go ok. We did some more laundry. We hung it out. We retrieved it. I wouldn’t let Aviana do anything fun like go see the chickies or go swing since she was so naughty and wouldn’t lie down and nap. I was mad at her and maybe rubbed it in too much that she was naughty. I was mad and yelled at Ellie for meowing for her dinner and at Roscoe for chasing the chickies. But I didn’t yell at Aviana- for which I am quite proud.

I didn’t feel like doing much of anything she asked me to do- like stamping or playing in the pool. As an alternative, we watched part of My Fair Lady, and I let her have some popcorn and we played with her Giant Pegboard. She was enthralled for quite some time (read: at least 11 minutes)

I put her to bed early- 6 o’clock. Yes you read that correctly. She cried and fussed for awhile- I went outside to retrieve yet more clothes off the line and water the yard where we had to dig up the septic tank and when I came back in at 6:15, she was sound asleep. So asleep, she didn’t even move when I covered her up.

So all I’ve done since then is change into my nightgown and try to decide if I want to make this my primary website…and that has been quite enough.

I was up for a couple of hours in the night with contractions. They were about 9 minutes apart. My lower back ached the whole time. When I would feel one start to come on, I would at first tense up, and then have to remind myself to just go with it.They were lasting anywhere from about 45 to 90 seconds. Finally I decided that this could really be labor and the timing could not be worse, as my mom was taking my grandma back to her house today, Kevin’s mom had to work, and worst of all, Kevin was supposed to leave for Des Moines. So I prayed “God, if this is the real thing and this baby is ready to come out, let me know for sure so I can get the appropriate balls rolling. If this isn’t the day, then make this stop.” The next thing I knew I was asleep.

Still- a little surreal.

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