No, not so much

Baby C is due July 27. That is 23 days from now. Not that I’m counting.

My dear and loving husband said to me, “Wouldn’t it be cool if the baby was late so he could be born on 08-08-08?”

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  1. Did you tell him HELL NO!

    My boy was a week late-that sucked! My girl was born on 1-08-08. She was induced on her due date.

    This makes my two babies exactly 2 years, 2 months, and 2 days apart. Which I thought was pretty darn cool. However, I would not have been holding her in in order to make it that cool:)

    Good luck. I’ll be checking back for updates on Baby C.

  2. Men have no idea what it is like to have to carry a baby past term. Then again neither do I. The question is will Baby C beat his older sister or be born in between the girls?

  3. I remember feeling the same. Jayden was due on 3-25 (born on 3-27) and mine is 4-1. I love that my birthday falls on April fools day and I thought it would be fun if she had the same birthday.

    As I got closer I was desperate for her to be born. So if I couldn’t even wait 7 days I don’t imagine you’d probably want to wait 12!

  4. Yeah, no ones wants to be past their due date, much less by that many days. My friend tried so hard to be induced last year on 07-07-07, but didn’t actually have him until, 7-17-07, and he weighed exactly 7 lbs.

  5. HA HA! I remember last year I was due on July 22 and on 7-7-07, we were hoping the baby would come early b/c that was such a cool birth date. No such luck! For your sake, I hope he doesn’t wait that long… although it is a cool date. 🙂

  6. Hahaha, only if he can carry the baby for that last week and a half or so, right? Lets see I’ll give you some dates you might like better. July 21st is my husband’s birthday. Oh, July 9th might be good (or maybe too soon for you). That’s my mom’s birthday. July 22nd is my nephew’s birthday. And one date that you might not like as much as these other ones, but better than what DH said is July 29th. That’s my cousin and baby niece’s birthday. Good luck in these final weeks.

  7. Uhhh… yeah, this is what I would say… “Daniel, would you like to feel like you swallowed a watermelon for ANOTHER week just for a “cool” birthdate?”

  8. It’s funny because he doesn’t understand what it’s like to be pregnant…let alone over due! I was 5 days late with Micah and it felt like 5 years! (My oldest came 4 weeks early…so I wasn’t used to the overdue idea!) With our middle child, Emmy, was due on 5-13-05 and I thought it would be cool if she would be born on 5-5-05…but she didn’t come until 5-10-05! Close enough!


  10. bwa ha ha- that is a sick joke. Nine months pregnant in the dead of summer and thinks you’d think it would be cool to be late?

    My first was born 8-4-94 and I would have given anything to have her come on her due date in July.

  11. ROFL!! Sam was only 5 days late, and I thought I was going to DIE. David was about a week and a half early, and I was so excited, except that I really wanted him to be born when a cold front came in, and it was still hot as … well, Texas. 🙂 But I digress.

    John got real quiet this morning, and when I asked him what he was thinking about (the kids were out of town this weekend; I thought it would be some nice thought about how much he missed them), he said, ‘Hey, just think. If this baby is 13 days late, it’ll be born on our anniversary!’

    I choked on my coffee and threw a spoon at him. I told him it wasn’t nice to say things like that to someone who will be going on 39 months of pregnancy by the time this baby is born. 🙂


  12. lol this is too funny… that would be a cool birthday, but it ends up being the month && day that people use most often, not so much the yr. Good luck w/ the rest of your pregnancy… can’t wait to hear the name of your new baby- your kids names are adorable!
    P.s.- I loved your comment on my It’s Real Life post about the overdoing it on exclamation points- I do the same thing!! haha I thought that was hilarious!

  13. Yeah. Nice.

    Imagine yourself pregnant (OK, I guess you don’t have to imagine) and your hubby comes and tells you that he’s just been at the computer desk and the cat was on his lap so he was sitting funny and NOW HIS HIPS HURT! Poor baby, ’cause that feeling’s not gonna wear off in like ten minutes while I have to carry this baby for months! Oy, hubbies!

  14. p.s. I totally know the feeling. All mine were late. #1 14 days and 9lb 8oz, #2 10 days and 9lb 10oz and #3 ONLY 7 days late an 10lb 6oz.

    The good news, they keep coming sooner.

    The bad news, they keep getting BIGGER! I think I’m done.

  15. Oh you are at about 21 days now. I am SOOO jealous. I have 69 days left. What sounds better 69 days or 10 weeks? ugh. please please baby come early. Madeline was 7 days overcooked and Amelia was 10 days overcooked. I figure I am “owed” 17 days, I’d like to cash those in this time.

  16. My dh was born on New Year’s Eve. My first dd was born on Valentine’s Day. My second dd was due 10/28 and my dh asked me if I couldn’t just “hold on” for a couple more days til Halloween. “Wouldn’t that be cool?” No, I don’t think so. I answered with “YOU hold on for a couple days!!” Arg! BTW, she was born on 10/28. Hahaha!! 🙂

  17. Did you tell him that would have been fun if he would have been due August 27th?

    Only a man would say that!!!

    I’ve been out of town & just checked in to make sure that sweet baby haddn’t arrived yet!!!

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