A new addition

Not the baby kind…although we’re still working on that one. 😀

We are trying to figure out how to make a laundry room, a family closet, an office for the Kevin ~the farm~, a bathroom with a shower, and a mudroom. We have a room between our kitchen and garage we refer to as the summer kitchen (it used to be a true summer kitchen) that is 11×15 and we possibly would be able to add on to it another 18×15. We are having SO much trouble figuring out how to make everything fit and still not be crowded. How do people do this?

Our 162 year old house has a lot of square footage, but among its many drawbacks, has only one small bathroom, no well planned entryways, teeny or nonexistent closets, and no good storage. It’s not designed for modern living.

 Any ideas? Anyone? Anyone?

3 thoughts on “A new addition

  1. Ok, so I had my response typed and then the window wouldn't let me back to send 🙁 Here's the quickie version

    A – office B – bathroom
    C – family closet
    D – mudroom E – laundry room

  2. Sorry, I don't have any suggestions for your addition, as we've never done this, but I'm amazed at how old your house is…ours is 70 years old and in need of a new roof. We've had so much rain.
    P.S. The new header is really cool…you all look skinny with the sun behind you like that!

  3. I had it all spaced out the way it was supposed to be, but gotta love the auto spacing when you hit enter. I think this fixes what I tried to say. The idea being that the bathroom, family closet, and laundry all link up for the fewest steps between getting clean, getting dressed, and dumping dirty clothes. Also would help w/ muddy clothes – come through the mud room dirty and come straight into the laundry room so you don't trapse dirty through *anything else*.

    A – office B – bathroom
    ……………..C – family closet
    D – mudroom E – laundry room

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