A Napping House

Aviana crashes hard. After sleeping for two hours, I was worried she wouldn’t go to bed at night, and got her up. To no avail, because she ended up sleeping for another hour and a half like this. And yes, the baby is sound asleep as well. Luckily, I didn’t have to go to the restroom and had plenty of reading material nearby. I cropped the picture though, so you couldn’t see the piles on the end table or computer desk.

Speaking of which, I read It’s All Too Much and got all motivated to purge, purge, purge my stuff, but ended up holding someone all evening so never got around to it. Listened to the soft steady comforting breathing of beings completely reliant and trusting. Read my Biblezine. Prayed and nuzzled the soft fat rolls that are Brielle’s neck. Started a mystery novel, but don’t think I’ll end up reading it. Read the Current and L.L.Bean catalogs. Dog eared several pages. Traced my daughters’ cheeks with my fingertip. Read the latest Family Fun magazine. Daydreamed about several of the ideas and trips noted within.
Kevin finally got home after slogging about in freezingish rain all day to snap this pic. I admire his fortitude and dogged work ethic. He just keeps at it, day after day after day.

2 thoughts on “A Napping House

  1. This is priceless! Too cute…and you and I read the same stuff! I love LL Bean and Current, and have a sub to Family Fun…

    And hats off to our dh’s…hard workers that brave the weather no matter how uninviting it is! You had it made…snuggling and reading on a rainy day! That’s the best in my book! Don’t you love this kind of motherhood?

  2. Yes I do!

    It was a good way to spend a day, now that you mention it. At the time, I was thinking about everything else that wasn’t getting done. But what could be more important than snuggling my girls?

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