The Napping House

Where everyone is sleeping.

What a treat, to have a few hours all to myself. Granted, I am holding Brielle, who was sleeping in bed, but woke up twice before she finally settled snuggly into my arms for a long snooze. I figure it’s better to hold a sleeping baby than have one crying in bed.

After several weeks of unseasonably warm temperatures (as in we didn’t even need jackets to go outside), it’s sleeting and cold. It was dark and dreary all day, but Kevin took the day off to spend with me, so it was sunshiny in my heart! (I know, I know, that sounds cliched and trite, but it’s how I feel, so there. Bleh! *sticks out tongue*)

First we put on a high energy search for our lost dining room light remote.The dining room only has one window and is dark even in the daytime, especially on cloudy days. You can’t turn on the lights without the remote. It’s been missing for a couple of weeks. Only, we just recently realized it’s really missing. I cleaned and organized several rooms and closets that have been woefully neglected for ohh, since we moved in, and it still didn’t turn up. We moved the couch and the beds (and vacuumed underneath) to no avail. Finally I had an epiphany and found it upstairs in our spare room inside the overnight bag which was inside the carry on bag inside two other larger suitcases! Kevin had left his overnight bag under the spot where we keep the remote and it must have fallen in and subsequently inadvertently gotten put away. Happy dances all around.

We then attended Aviana’s music class all together as a family. It’s so fun to watch how the toddlers all interact with their parent and each other. Personalities vary across the board. It’s especially fun to see Aviana enjoy herself. She generally participates only if she’s done something before. Otherwise when the teacher introduces something new, she just watches and then will do the song and actions at home. Today we did the Gingerbread Man as a theme.

We stopped a motorcycle store to see if they had a battery for Kevin’s four wheeler. You’d think they never had a toddler in the place. Probably they haven’t. They do however, have a miniature poodle on site as a mascot.

We went to Sam’s Club just to buy a wreath and diapers. We did buy a prelit artificial evergreen wreath for the front door and diapers. We also bought cappuccino and cornbread mix and had to renew our membership, thusly spending over $100. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to leave that store with only what I came for.

Then we went over to the pet store where Aviana got to pet a Wiemerweiner (like Jake) named Magnum and a yet unnamed ferret which the owner had found in the middle of the road the other night. We considered getting her a guinea pig, but thought better of it. We’d rather get a Schnoodle this summer.

And that brings me to now–everyone is snuggled up, asleep.

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