Name That Photo Contest Winner

90% Adorable
10% Ornery
Machine wash warm with sister.
Tumble dry low.
Do not iron if decorated.
Wear with love.

The winner is Audra! What a lot of terrific entries; you all are so clever. Be sure to go back and read the comments –I especially liked: Wash-n-Where?, Redneck Jacuzzi, When a bath just doesn’t cut it, try “Heavy Duty” and an extra rinse!, and of course, Farm Fresh Laundry!

My own was “See what happens when you don’t let them watch tv!”

You may have noticed I left my blank daybook up all day. Ahem. Amid the chaos that is the life I love, I didn’t even realize!

It’s fixed now, although of course it’s a bit anti-climatic. Not that my daybook is ever really climatic. But anyway. You can read it now if you want to.

3 thoughts on “Name That Photo Contest Winner

  1. Love those instructions! Should finish with -wear with love. 🙂

    I did notice your empty Daybook but blogger was hiding like half of my blog lists posts so I thought it was another glitch. 🙂

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