23 thoughts on “My Three Babies

  1. And what beautiful babies they are!

    Wow, you SURE can tell they are all siblings! I see a little of Brielle in Cadrian, and then I see Aviana in him too!

  2. How awesome that you got the same pose with all of them! I have one of J and T that I’ll have to post one day.

    @Leroy… thanks for stopping by and the kind words. My friends/family make fun of me about the recycling b/c I’m way over the top and obsessive about it. (I even recycle my hershey kiss wrappers)

    Sorry Jessica for hijacking your comments to respond to your dad’s comment he left on my blog. I didn’t have an email address.

  3. How funny! They look so much alike, size and everything. My babies looked alike, but not like that. You can definitely see the boyness compared to the girls though:)

  4. Wow! They look so much a like, yet I can see the differences in their faces! I agree with Jewels…I think Cadrian has both A & B in him and that the girls have their own little looks. So sweet!

  5. WOW! They look a LOT a like, huh? I think Brielle has the most of her own look – but can you imagine if they all would have been born at the same time? WOW!

  6. As one old timer from my MIL’s church told her after seeing a bunch of the extended family at a church function and seeing that not only did her children look just like her, but her grandchildren, too…”You sure do mark your colts well!”

    You oughtta put those photos in a long frame with 3 spots for photos. Way cute!

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