My Sweet Baby A

Yesterday she put together a care package for our neighbor, and lifetime family friend, one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. Aviana drew a picture, made a design with sparkly stickers, and put in a Twizzler, two “dwaduation” hearts (conversation hearts) and five lemon drops, ” four betuz I wuv her and one just extwra”.

Dada wanted to tell her that classic joke, “What’s a henway?”

You know, and then the recipient is supposed to say, “A henway? A henway? I don’t know. What’s a henway?”

And then the teller says ” About two pounds, HAHAHAHA!”

Aviana answered right away, “A hen ways eggs!”
Kevin was cleaning the corn stove because it was starting to go out. Normally it doesn’t have any odor at all, but when it starts to go out, it burns dirty and smells like a fire. Strong on the scent of burn.

Aviana was helping him. Due to her four year old speech, she replaces the “sh” with “s”.
Seesells by the seesore. You get the idea.

When he opened the door, she meant to say, “It smells like ASH!” but instead uttered a phrase she has never heard before in her life, “It smells like A$$!”

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