My Life in Lists

praying for our Compassion children

Praying for my live-in children

What’s in my recipe box

Tens list–what I’m reading in the Bible

An old schedule of what we did that day; I’m trying to figure out a semi-permanent routine…

The dates our co-op picks up raw milk.
Brielle’s thankfulness list.

The states Aviana needs to collect all 50 state quarters

What we’ve named the calves this year

quotes and notes from books I’m reading

books to put on hold and websites to look up

the girls’ measurements

my thankfulness list

scriptural blessings to pray for my children

our grocery list and Aviana’s “grocery” list

One thought on “My Life in Lists

  1. Could I re-post the Scriptural Blessings to pray for your children list on my blog?

    I enjoyed this post because I use a LOT of lists to accomplish my tasks and stay organized. 🙂

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